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Labour, value and borders

On 29 April 2021, the Security Flows team is taking part in a workshop with two other ongoing projects (Digitalisation of Labour and Migration Project and GLiTCH 'Governing Life through Technology, Connectivity and Humanitarianism') to discuss emerging configurations of labour and value in relation to the digitisation of mobility, bordering and asylum. The workshop has been organised by Lauren Martin and Martina Tazzioli from the GLiTCH ESRC Project. The organisers have proposed a number of questions for discussion:

  • What becomes of labour and value in emerging assemblages of data production, extraction, analysis and algorithmic governance?

  • How do the problematisation of borders and migration transform, or specify, questions of unpaid labor, valuation and mobility?

  • How does the datafication of mobility require and presume hidden labor economies? How do they produce - or rework - regimes of value?

  • ·What forms of knowledge extraction are at work in the assemblages you analyse in your project? How do they also require and circulate non-knowledge, strategic ignorance?

The Security Flows team will present their on-going work on datafication technologies at EU's borders and conceptualisation of invisible labour.



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