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ESCAPES 2021 Conference

The SECURITY FLOWS team will be participating at Laboratorio Escapes's international & online Escapes 2021 Conference: Mediterranean Crossings: Refusal and Resistance in Uncertain Times.

The conference will run from the 24th - 26th June 2021. A full programme of the conference can be found here.

The SECURITY FLOWS team will be contributing to Panel 5 "Follow the money: migration industry, refugees’ unpaid labour and value extraction". This panel will address questions on how we can follow the money between states and private actors, and what forms of unpaid labour asylum seekers are pushed to do.

Lucrezia Canzutti and Claudia Aradau will present work titled "Collecting, assembling, ordering: borders, asylum, and the invisible labour of data", and Ana Valdivia will present on "Following the money at the EU datafied border: A digital methodology to shed light on EU-LISA and Frontex contracts".

Registration link to the conference can be found here.

Follow the conversation online: @securityflows @laboescapes #escapes2021



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