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Double Book Launch: Algorithmic Reason in the Global Tech Laboratory

Professors Claudia Aradau & Tobias Blanke will be presenting their book Algorithmic Reason at a double book launch on 'Algorithmic Reason in the Global Tech Laboratory'. The event will take place on Thursday 13 October 2022 , from 2-3:30PM at Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s Apollo Bar/Kantine in Copenhagen.

Event description:

How did algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence become the inevitable answer to global challenges? A political rationality is rising across the world that situates emerging technology as key to social, political, and economic transformations. National security questions are increasingly approached through algorithmic realities while humanitarian action to govern precarious lives becomes entangled with big tech companies and start-ups. Yet these technologies also seem to amplify existing hierarchies and replicate social divisions, themselves products of historical and contemporary politics of exclusion, prompting us to ask: What visions of societal progress are imagined through emerging technology? What is the prospect for collective action and democratic imaginaries in a context of these new rationalities?

At this double book launch and talk, we will hear insights on the role of emerging technology in shaping current political and social thought, presenting, and discussing Algorithmic Reason (Aradau, Blanke) and The Global Lab (Fejerskov) (both Oxford University Press, 2022). By analysing wider socio-technical and political processes, these new works speak to a commonality: the rise of rationalities that embraces emerging technology as societal disruptors while at the same time reproducing inequalities and hierarchies in our societies.

More information on speakers, the programme, and registering for the event is available through the event page here.



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